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Men’s and Women’s Physicals

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As part of our continuum of care at Meadow Pointe Family Practice, we provide routine men’s and women’s physicals during which regular health screenings can be administered and each patient’s current medical condition carefully evaluated. For those who take advantage of the opportunity to be evaluated by their family care physician at least once a year, the benefits can be substantial in terms of catching a potential illness in its earliest stages and developing a rapport with your doctor through which you can feel comfortable asking questions and raising any concerns you may have about your health.

As part of our routine adult physical exams, we can provide immunizations for preventable diseases including the flu and can administer cancer screenings, offer diet and exercise assessments, and perform regular blood work. Depending on your specific medical condition, family history and other factors, additional testing may also be provided. Contact us to set up your next physical at 813.907.8430.